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Polish artists exhibition Costa del Sol

Hołubowski's work is a refreshing look at art that transcends the boundaries of tradition and opens up new possibilities of expression. His colorful, expressive works are a tribute to the emotions and complexity of human nature. Hołubowski is an artist who is not afraid to experiment, creating works that attract attention and stimulate the viewer's imagination. His revolutionary approach to art sparks discussions and inspires other artists. Hołubowski's work is surprising and dynamic, emanating energy and life. His works are full of abstract gestures that make the images seem to move before our eyes. Color is a key element of his art, and the artist skillfully uses the color palette to convey a variety of emotions and moods.

You are cordially invited to a special exhibition of Polish artists on the Costa del Sol at the Grande Art Estate Gallery, one of the most prestigious Art Galleries on the entire Coast. For the first time, the Gallery and Diamondscraft Auction House are jointly organizing a grand artistic event. Artists have been carefully selected to showcase their unique works, created especially for this occasion.

Ewelina Ułanecka will take us on a journey through her abstract pieces, whose texture resembles bas-reliefs, and whose colour evokes the sun-drenched noon of Europe. Szymon Hołubowski will reveal to us the world of emotions encapsulated in the faces of women, showcasing their beauty and mystery. Luiza Zakrzewska will transport us into the realm of pop art and big money, boldly showing us the life of the "upper echelons" with wit and satire. Meanwhile, Iwona Dombek-Rybczyńska, inspired by Picasso's work, has created a masterpiece influenced by the works of this timeless painter.

This exceptional artistic event will allow us to discover the diversity and richness of Polish art, while enjoying the atmosphere and beauty of the Costa del Sol. We warmly invite all art enthusiasts to visit our exhibition and immerse themselves in the world of talent and imagination of Polish artists.

Dear Marbella Moto Sport, Car Atelier, and Dream Garage Andalusia,

On behalf of Diamondscraft and Grande Art Estate, we extend our sincerest gratitude for your collaboration and patronage during our recent Polish Art Exhibition. Your support played an integral role in making the event a resounding success.

Your contributions not only added a touch of luxury to the exhibition but also enhanced the overall experience for our attendees. The display of exquisite automobiles from Marbella Moto Sport, the craftsmanship showcased by Car Atelier, and the automotive surprises from Dream Garage Andalusia truly captivated our guests and elevated the atmosphere of the event.

We are immensely grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with such esteemed partners like yourselves. Your commitment to excellence and dedication to delivering exceptional service are truly commendable.

Once again, thank you for your unwavering support and generosity. We look forward to the possibility of future collaborations and continued partnership.

Ewelina Ulanecka Cytrowska completed a five-year Master's degree in Fashion and Jewelry Design at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Łódź. Her Master's thesis and academic achievements were honoured with the distinction of the Rector of the Academy. As a fashion designer, she has garnered numerous awards and first places in competitions for young designers, including the Golden Thread, New Look Design, and the Manufaktura Fashion Weekend.

Since her student days, she has been consistently engaged in fashion design and fashion illustration, focusing on clothing design, and for almost 10 years, she has also been professionally involved in abstract painting. Over this time, the artist has developed her very individual and recognizable painting style. Her works are characterized by multi-stage layering of various types of paint and acrylic components, creating a three-dimensional coating on the canvases, giving the impression of bas-relief.

For the artist, painting is a form of meditation, and she sees abstract art as a total freedom in self-expression. The key element for her in transferring emotions onto the canvas is colour and its dynamics built through light and shadow. As she herself says: "..colours evoke various moods in us, for me they are the link between the soul and the universe..." In her paintings, one can perceive spread-out spectacles of colours, which through mutual penetration reveal colourful textural compositions, and the visions in the paintings are intended to prompt the viewer towards multidimensional interpretations.

Simon Holubowski Painter, illustrator, idealist, observer of everyday life. His colorful, expressive works combine dynamic, abstract gesture and representation. In his creative work, he is inspired by the people he meets. The heroes of Hołubowski's works are mainly women. The artist reflects their complex personalities primarily through color. His greatest artistic authority is the Canadian portraitist Andrew Salgado. Participant of many exhibitions in Poland. He willingly engages in social projects. His works are in private collections throughout Europe. Hołubowski tries to exceed the boundaries of traditional portraiture, exploring new possibilities in terms of form and expression. This search for new artistic paths makes Hołubowski's works not only aesthetically pleasing, but also surprising and intriguing.

The artist actively participates in exhibitions in Poland, presenting his works to a wider audience. His paintings also find their way into private collections throughout Europe, which proves their appreciation and popularity. However, Hołubowski does not limit himself only to the world of art. He willingly engages in social projects, using his artistic skills to support social initiatives and strive for positive changes in society.

Luiza Zakrzewska (Luu.) is a Warsaw based painter. She focuses on capturing moments through portraiture, collage, and abstract work. Her works have been exhibited throughout Poland, Irleand, and Italy.

Her art is focused on consumerism, modern media and scandals in the world of celebrities

Wlodzimiesz Kwiatkowski "I want to stir up the ant hill. The ant hill called thinking," says Włodzimierz Kwiatkowski, an artist who creates extraordinary, three-dimensional paintings. Thanks to the optical illusion, his works literally "follow the viewer." The artist has patented this technique and intrigued art enthusiasts worldwide.

Next to Kwiatkowski's paintings, it's hard to remain indifferent, especially when viewed from a distance. Unexpectedly, the entire painted scenery comes to life, moving along with the viewer. The walls of the buildings in the paintings shift from left to right unpredictably.

There is no coincidence in Włodzimierz Kwiatkowski's painting works. They are planned from start to finish. From the canvas that the author builds from plywood for each work, through the motif and subject of the painting, to the Latin titles with which he finishes his works. Above all, Kwiatkowski's paintings are distinguished by their three-dimensionality. A special technique patented by the artist and called by him 'In Hyperopia' ('In hyperopia'). Thanks to her, Kwiatkowski's paintings come to life. They follow the viewer watching them, and the perfect illusion causes the depth to unexpectedly draw you into the image. The artist achieves such a strong sense of depth not only by creating geometrically convex sub-paintings, but above all by using his knowledge of optics. With mathematical accuracy, it calculates the angles at which the image surface should be glued to deceive the human eye. The technique developed by Kwiatkowski complements the content of the paintings, in which the author uses surrealist elements and contains numerous metaphors and symbols. Kwiatkowski tries to make his works universal. He consciously does not include any references to religion or politics. He also tries not to suggest too much with the titles of his works. He leaves his viewers interpretative freedom.

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