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Zdjęcie profilowe artysty

Piotr Pasiewicz

Born in Łódź in 1979. He graduated with security from studies at the Faculty of Graphics and Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts. Władysław Strzemiński in Łódź, 2013 – Painting Studio I (Open Book) prof. Andrzej M. Bartczak. Scholarship of the Minister of Culture and National Heritage, 2011/2012. Creativity in the field of graphic arts, drawing, painting, performance, video art and short film forms. In my work there is a search for a dialogue between graphic techniques and drawings in correlation with a color patch and texture. The artistic language that I use derives from an almost complete drawing. For me, the line is equipped with plastic, an equal combination of the signal of expression. With access to lines connected to a device that is connected to your network. I pose a question, what is a connection in painting, a line or a color? Not related to further drilling. Multiforms in occurrence in the next stages of my availability. This time they interpenetrate, constituting barriers and additional lines in the structure. I give the surface of the canvas a spatial character. Secondly, I use graphic matrices. They can reappear, not only as a graphic tool, but as an independent artistic matter. I am interested in the interpenetration of electricity and technology. Symbiosis form, or perhaps polyphony, a technique of handling unity in multiplicity. What characterizes my art is a record of the inclination of an organic form, transmitting in what is alive, pulsating, pulsating, humming, overflowing - being in constant motion, subject to proportional change and transformation. I bring to life autonomous visual entities with anthropomorphic shapes, emanating the illusion of movement, because movement is eternity. I want to transfer the idea of movement or its direct neurosis to canvas. Multi-layer structure, combinatorics of lines, the possibility of using the effect affecting movement, movement and vibrating space. However, a painting for me is more than just a relationship between form and death or a thoughtful composition of lines. I am also not looking for a compromise between what is visual and aesthetic. I want to create energetic planes that are self-induced, stimulating the imagination, non-confrontational. In the era of postmodern practitioners in technical applications, the painting medium must defend itself by its strength.
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