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Aukcja Legendary Turtleunited NFT

Legendary Collection

Turtle United NFT if the first project launching the S2E (Save2Earn) gamification experience that will combine the worlds of web2 and web3 with one common mission: save the planet. Turtle United is a collection of 7,777 3D unique Turtle characters a.k.a environmental rebels. They were sent to Earth from the year 2069 to educate, raise awareness, and progress change to avoid the end of the world! We are a green-chip NFT project bringing the biggest social-driven movement to the web3 space - #TUMovement. We believe that with the right mission, a strong community, and the right incentives we will save the planet.

Link to Marketwatch article - you can find more info about the project in the article

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To take part in the United Turtle Legendary Collection Live Metaverse Auction and earn your early access to this amazing project you need to:

1. Own a crypto wallet (i.e. MetaMask)

2. Register yourself at

3. Send your wallet address to:

To be completed before Wednesday 29th of June 6.30 PM (CET time).

Auction Link:

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