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Is an artist still an artist? Artificial intelligence in the world of art.

An artist made, not born
A created artist

Was this painted by "Beksiński" or did someone enter a prompt into the image generator and print an image generated by a neural network on canvas, and then underpainted it to make it look like it was painted by a human? There is the texture of the paint, brush marks, even varnish and canvas! Nowadays, such questions arise or will appear more and more often among collectors, gallerists, auction houses and, most importantly, each of us as an individual art lover.

Art has always been an expression of human creativity, imagination and the ability to create something unique. However, nowadays, an artist's creativity can be supported by modern technologies such as artificial intelligence. This raises questions about the nature of art and the role of the artist. Is an artist still an artist if he uses artificial intelligence tools to create his works?

Artificial intelligence (AI) has significantly changed many areas of life, including art. Thanks to machine learning algorithms, image generating programs and other tools, AI can support artists in the process of creating works of art. For example, generative neural networks can create abstract images that appear to be the work of a human artist. But does this mean that the creator who uses these tools ceases to be an artist?

The answer to this question is not clear. The artist is still the creator, but the tools he uses become part of the creative process. What distinguishes a traditional artist from an AI artist is the type of tools and approach to creating art. An artist using AI must choose the appropriate algorithms and parameters that will shape the final result. It still requires creativity and artistic choice.

However, there is an argument that using AI can be more mechanical than traditional brush painting or sculpture-making. There is no physical interaction with the materials and the process may seem more abstract. This raises the question about the emotions and experiences that the artist wants to convey through his work. Can AI convey the depth and meaning behind each image?

In my opinion, no, and probably never will be able to do it, unless Philip K. Dick was right and one day machines will learn to feel, to feel, i.e. to have higher states of consciousness, but then environmental pollution will be the least of our many problems for humanity.

Anna Bilińska, an outstanding painter of the realism era, focused primarily on portraits in her work. In her pastel, the only one in the MNW collection, she portrayed a peasant woman from Podolia, cradling her child in her arms. The natural background brings out what is most beautiful in the image: colorful spots that characterize the folk costumes of the woman and child. Red allows you to capture details that the artist painted with great precision. The work is distinguished by its incredible calm, the painter showed mother's love in a restrained way. She skillfully created the mood of the moment, thanks to which we can admire this extremely harmonious composition.
Peasant Woman with Child Anna Bilińska

Because what is art and with a capital S, for example a painting Peasant Woman with a Child" by Anna Bilińska or the work of Jacek Maślankiewicz and Agata Maślankiewicz, it is the ability to transfer manually, expressively their feelings, although not always, onto the material using manual skills. Rendering what we have in our heart, soul or the higher part of our consciousness on a medium such as canvas, board, rock, but also our computer screen. As long as you create it yourself, as long as it comes from your mind and heart, it is your work of art, your art, our art of creating and creating a message through our moods.

Each of us has probably wondered where to draw the line, Artificial intelligence in the world of art, where there is deception of oneself and others, I will not answer this question, but I hope that I helped a little in answering to myself whether someone is deceiving us? !

Write to me and comment on what you think about the changes that are taking place and what consequences they may have for the art market, or maybe you use them yourself to create new tools. I'm curious about your opinion.

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