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The most expensive NFT ever sold

Nowadays, the NFT (Non-Fungible Token) market attracts the attention of investors, collectors and enthusiasts around the world. NFTs are digital tokens that represent the ownership or uniqueness of a particular object or work of art. In this article, we will focus on the most expensive NFTs sold in history to provide you with comprehensive information on the subject.

What is NFT?

I won't go into detail here, because we have already discussed this topic in previous articles.

If anyone hasn't read it, I strongly encourage you to read it.

Examples of the most expensive NFTs sold

Now that we have a better understanding of NFTs, it's time to move on to the most important point of this article - the most expensive NFTs ever sold. Here are some impressive examples:

1. The Merge - PAK The most expensive NFT ever sold

Price: 91,8 mln $

NFT The Merge - PAK most expensive
The Merge - PAK

The most expensive NFT ever sold is a truly unique NFT that has gained immense popularity and attention around the world. Part of its appeal stems from its mysterious creator, known only as PAK. This artist keeps his true identity a secret, which gives him a certain aura of mystery and intrigue.

While The Merge appears to be a simple painting of white spots on a black background at first glance, it is of great importance to the multitudes of NFT collectors and fans. In fact, this NFT is considered the most expensive NFT ever created.

The sale of The Merge was extremely successful. Almost 30,000 people decided to buy over 300,000 units of this work. The sale process took 48 hours and anyone could purchase any number of tokens, starting at a unit price of $575. Every 6 hours, the unit price increased by $25, further motivating people to buy faster.

Interestingly, the NFT originally consisted of a black background and white dots to represent white patches. However, as more tokens were sold, the white dots gradually grew in size. This process was completed 48 hours after the start of sale, when the painting reached its final shape.

The Merge is a true icon of the NFT world and has exceeded all expectations. It is not only a work of digital art, but also a symbol of a new era of collecting and investing.

2. "Everydays: The First 5000 Days" - Beeple

Price: $69.3 million

NFT Everydays : The First 5000 Days  Beeple
Everydays : The First 5000 Days

One of the most recognizable NFTs is the work by artist Beeple entitled "Everydays: The First 5000 Days". This unique digital painting sold for a staggering $69 million. This event shook the art world and established the position of NFT as an important trend in the art space.

If the owner wanted to sell his NFT for the same amount of Ethereum as the purchase, it would be worth $130 million today.

3. "The Clock" - PAK

Price: $52.7 million

NFT The Clock PAK
The Clock PAK

This is a really interesting project that was intended to support Julian Assange (founder of WikiLeaks) in his fight for freedom. The sale of this NFT with his time in prison is not only a source of funds for his legal defense, but also underscores the difficulties Assange is facing.

PAK, the artist who is the author of this work, enjoys high recognition and financial success. His moniker adds mystery and added artistic value to this NFT. The buyer is the AssagneDAO collective, consisting of approximately 10,000 people who have joined forces to work together to free Julian Assange.

In total, they spent an impressive $53 million, which shows their determination and dedication in fighting for the freedom of this controversial journalist and founder of WikiLeaks. This project is an example of using the art and technology of NFT to draw attention to important social issues and support people who are being persecuted for their activities.

In this way, AssagneDAO tries to emphasize the importance of freedom of speech and the right to disclose information, even if it is unpopular or controversial.

4. "Human One" - Beeple

Price: $28.9 million

The hybrid artwork created by digital artist Mike Winkelmann, better known as Beeple, is remarkable. It combines digital NFT with a physical image displayed on a special screen. What makes it unique? Her artwork changes over time. The artist maintains remote access to the work and regularly updates it, creating a variety of variations. What's more, the appearance of the graphics changes depending on the time of day, adding even more magic.

Sam Beeple calls his work "the first man born in the metaverse". His appearance evolves with the age of the artist, changes in mood, worldview and other factors. It's truly fascinating!

NFT features an astronaut as he traverses ever-changing landscapes. Hidden in this animation is a clue that allows you to unlock two additional NFTs. One will be awarded to the finder and the other will become the property of Human One, the truly lucky owner.

5. "CryptoPunk #7523" - CryptoPunks

Price: $11.7 million

NFT "CryptoPunk #7523" - CryptoPunks
CryptoPunk #7523 CryptoPunks

CryptoPunks is a collection of 10,000 unique pixel characters that can be purchased and sold as NFTs. One of the most expensive CryptoPunks sold is "CryptoPunk #7804, but so far the highest bidder is CryptoPunk #7523 - almost $12 million. It is part of the Alien sub-collection. It is distinguished by three attributes that have 24% of the collection and an earring that is only 25% of the pieces.Other rare features include a knit hat and a protective mask shared by only 2% of the collection.

6. "Crossroads" - Beeple

Price: $6.6 million

The next and last in our list, but a significant example is "Crossroads" also by Beeple. This NFT sold for an impressive $6.6 million. This painting depicts the figure of Donald Trump in a symbolic scene, referring to the controversy related to politics and society.

Trend of growing interest in NFT

The sales of the most expensive NFTs in history are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the growing popularity and importance of this market. NFTs are gaining more and more recognition in both the artistic and investment worlds. Collectors and investors see the potential of these digital tokens as carriers of value, uniqueness and investment opportunities.

The impact of NFT on the art market

The dynamic development of the NFT market also has a huge impact on the traditional art market. More and more artists are starting to experiment with blockchain technology and create their own unique NFTs. This opens up completely new perspectives for artists who can sell their works directly, bypassing traditional institutions and intermediaries.


NFTs are not only revolutionizing the way we perceive and collect works of art, but also provide a new field for investment and multiplication of capital. Sales of the most expensive NFTs in history show that the value of digital assets can reach incredible sums. The message is clear - the NFT market is full of unlimited potential and promises, but can it deliver?

Tom Belling

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